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Escort Girl

by | 14th, February 2005

‘WHAT would you say to a man who has stepped out with both Grace Jones and the Duchess of York?

”Time to show you my vienna”

“Best of British!” “You’re a braver man than me, mate!” “Watch out for the Jones jab and keep your socks on with Fergie.”

You might also say, “Guten tag, Richard Lugner”. You see, he’s the Austrian shopping centre tycoon who not only stepped out with those two lovelies but has “lured” others to accompany him to Vienna’s Opera Ball.

Granted, Andie MacDowell and Pamela Anderson, two of Lugner’s past escorts, possess more mainstream charms than the pugnacious Jones and Fergie.

The man may have questionable taste in women, but he at least appears to have all bases covered.

So what woman would want to go where those others have all been?

Before you answer, know that he’ll pay you £500,000 for the date. Now which woman would do it for money? Answer: Geri Halliwell.

And there she is on the arm of her hot date. And quite the ideal couple they look – she all wide-eyed and expectant and he with his happy smile.’

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