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by | 15th, February 2005

‘YESTERDAY’S celebration of love has left a few of us nursing hangovers.

Gail in a D-cup

There’s Charlotte Church all over the Star’s cover page, tears in her eyes as she chose yesterday of all days to say goodbye and good riddance to boyfriend Kyle.

Best make that ex-boyfriend Kyle because he can be seen moving his things and himself out of the home the couple had shared for a year.

The Mirror (“KYLE BE SEEIN’ YOU”) says that while any man worth his salt was clutching his beloved to his manly chest, Kyle was holding tightly onto his football, a hold-all and three unromantic carrier bags.

Meanwhile, Nicole Kidman and Steve Bing have also called it a day. The Sun says the actress called time on their relationship because Bing is so anti-marriage.

And if further proof were needed that Cupid’s aim is less true than Darren Day, we find it in the Star where Gail Porter is coming clean about her marriage to Dan Hipgrave.

Yesterday, the pushy, pint-sized presenter told startled reporters that she and her man had actually split up eight months ago but kept up a “sham” relationship.

Why they did this perhaps only their PR can say. But just back in mid-January, the paper heard Gail say: “I think things are back on.”

And in an interview in December, she claimed: “Dan and I have fallen back in love all over again.”

In her defence, she did not say who each of them had fallen in love with nor did she specify which “things” were back on.

But while the Star picks over the debris of broken hearts, we just pick up another tissue and weep for what might have been…and what might still be.’

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