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A Right Balls-Up

by | 15th, February 2005

‘ONE of the problems with Keith Dawson’s new house design is that the letter box is now buried under a thatched roof and a mountain of rubble.

”It’s okay, Benito, you won the war…”

Thus, when that letter comes – as it inevitably will – to inform him that he has been shortlisted for an architectural award, Mr Dawson might not get it.

It is a problem that Colin Jackson knows – or at least would know if he were still with us.

The Telegraph reports that the divorced father-of-three hanged himself, convinced he was dying from testicular cancer because a letter giving him the all-clear never reached him.

The 43-year-old had discharged himself from his GP and moved to a new address, preventing the letter from the Medway Maritime Hospital from reaching him.

His mother Patricia Emery told an inquest that her son committed suicide because he was “convinced he was dying”.


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