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Cellulite Up Your Life

by | 15th, February 2005

‘THERE was one sure-fire way of spotting that the naked pictures of Britney Spears were fakes – the absence of cellulite.

Oh my darlin’ clementine…

Orange-peel skin is the celebrity accessory du jour and, as this week’s Enquirer exhaustively catalogues, there is rarely a starlet in Hollywood without it.

Even youngsters like Jessica Simpson, Tara Reid, Paris Hilton and our very own Charlotte Church are wearing it this season.

But what will they all do when cellulite goes the way of a Britney Spears marriage?

The answer is get out the vacuum. The magazine says researchers have invented a simple, non-surgical cellulite treatment that really works.

“It’s called VelaSmooth,” it continues, “and doctors who’ve studied the remarkable, pain-free procedure marvel at its 100% success rate.”

It even comes with forward and reverse gears, so if you want to turn your perfect non-celebrity buttocks into a mound of cottage cheese a la Donnatella Versace, then you can…’

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