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by | 17th, February 2005

‘WEREN’T the Elle Style Awards a blast! Everyone was there. And in keeping with the fashion theme, most of them were wearing clothes.

‘It was all done in the best possible taste,’ says Sarah

We say most and not all because the Mail has spotted the arrival of Girls Aloud singer Sarah Harding.

The poor thing is seen posing before a phalanx of snappers, showing them her good side and everyone else her backside.

The buttons on her low-cut outfit had come undone at the back revealing the blonde’s black thong. As the Mail says, it was “clearly on view”.

Amazingly, this was not spotted by her aides for several minutes, giving ample time for pictures to be taken and Sarah’s profile to become as high and pert as her tush.

But while Harding looks for one of Liz Hurley’s old safety pins, the Mirror spots George Clooney’s girlfriend, Lisa Snowdon, talking with “notorious ladykiller” David Walliams.

It seems the TV star made a bee-line for the Essex-born mo-del, whom he used to date.

But the Star notes that the Little Britain actor has already moved on and is now standing alongside a blonde.

“DIRTY TRICKS,” says the paper. “David was snubbed by blonde Davinia and his ex-Lisa – until the camera pointed in their direction.”

Egads! Can it be that this flirting was an act? It looks pretty convincing to our innocent eyes.

Indeed, when we note the acting skills of the three main players, and recall that the Davinia in shot used to appear in the TV soap Hollyoaks, we realise that this looks too convincing to be make believe.

David Walliams must be having it off with all of them. And the half-undressed Sarah Harding…’

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