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by | 18th, February 2005

‘A WORD of advice for London’s long-suffering commuters – if you want to get to and from work quickly and in no little comfort, can we suggest that you join the IOC?

The pigeons scrub up well

Failing that, get yourself an IOC badge (available now at the Anorak shop).

This, according to the Times, entitles you not only to a seat on a perfectly clean and punctual train but to a whole carriage.

The paper says the four members of the team evaluating London’s Olympic bid who travelled by Tube from Stratford to Greenwich couldn’t have failed to have been impressed by their only brush with the realities of life in the capital.

They were greeted at the station by a brass band and welcomed by a station announcer in three different languages before passing ticketless through the gates.

“Their train,” it adds, “was on time, did not stop for long, unexplained minutes in a tunnel, was not assailed by begging buskers and was free of the detritus of discarded newspapers and polystyrene coffee cups.

“And Ken Livingstone was on board, grinning his mayoral head off.”

Well, they can’t have everything…’

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