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Bad Hair Gene

by | 22nd, February 2005

‘VANESSA Feltz will be a worried woman this morning as she reads the Sun’s lead story of how 31-stone Chris Leppard has been locked up…for being too fat.

”Now will you believe that I don;t have stockpiles of Barx2”

But we can reassure the heavy-boned TV presenter that this is not a drastic new step in the Government anti-obesity programme – or at least not yet.

Twenty-three-year-old Chris was, the paper says, locked up in a mental hospital because of a rare illness that means he can’t stop eating.

It’s called the Prader-Willi syndrome, it is apparently incurable…and it will shortly no doubt be the chosen defence of every overweight person too lazy to exercise.

If obesity is in the genes, then so is bad hair – according to the Mail.

Scientists have apparently identified a gene called Barx2, which is crucial to normal hair growth.

”Those who have it will find grooming a breeze,” the paper says. ”Those who don’t will be forever handicapped in the hair department.”

The Mail goes on to say that even celebrities have been known to suffer from a bad hair day.

”Kate Beckinsale, Diana Ross, Body Shop founder Anita Roddick and Nicole Kidman,” it says, ”are among those who have been caught off guard.

”On the male side, Bob Geldof almost always looks in need of a comb.”

Happily, now we know that the problem is a lack of Barx2 not (as previously suspected) the lack of a hairbrush…’

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