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Shrek Effect

by | 24th, February 2005

‘IF Scooby Doo told you to eat a fistful of Sudan 1, would you do it?

‘Nice ass!’

Of course you would. Just as you would eat tins of HP Bagpuss pasta shapers in tomato sauce, a sack of The Incredibles Nestle Cookie Crisps and your own burgeoning body weight in Eikes The Simpsons Yo choco bars.

Indeed, as the Telegraph reports, the consumer group Which? has noticed that 18 popular characters from film and TV are being employed to market sugary snacks and processed food.

This is hardly big news. Using cartoon characters to encourage children to engage in ‘pester power’ is a tried and tested formula for boosting sales.

Of 2,000 people surveyed, more that three quarters said the use of cartoon figures on junk food made it harder for parents to say no to their children’s demands.

But while the advertisers rub their sticky fat hands with glee at a job well done, we note that Shrek Nestle Golden Grahams are high in salt and sugar, being a blend of 32% sugar and 2.5% salt.

What the rest is made of we think it best not to investigate. But if you want an idea of how good or bad for you they might be, take a look at the hulking green monster on the box!

And Shrek has more to answer for than his cereal. As the Times reports, the ‘Shrek effect’ is being blamed for the plight of hundreds of donkeys.

Having seen the talking donkey in the film, doting parents bought a donkey for their little Joshuas and Jordans.

They then found that the beast couldn’t do much, let alone speak and crack jokes. The children were crushed. The parents were let down and angry. And now the donkeys are neglected.

Although all may not be lost. And look out for Shrek Nuggets – ‘The Snack That Answers Back!’ – in a junk food emporium near you…’

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