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Horse Play

by | 25th, February 2005

‘IN days gone by, it used to be the job of the war artist to capture the glory, futility and sheer bloody horror of battle on canvas.

‘See, you can make him drink’

These days, however, every squaddie has a mobile phone equipped with a camera – which means we get to see what a soldier’s life is really all about.

And judging by recent images, our boys seem to spend most of the time when they’re not torturing their enemies…torturing their friends.

The Sun’s front page this morning has a ‘sickening’ picture of a Queen’s Guard pouring a can of Stella down the throat of a horse.

It was, the paper says, part of ‘a cruel prank’, which involved feeding the horse eight cans of the strong lager and a bottle of red wine before it went out on parade.

And it’s not just horses that suffer at the hands of members of the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment, according to a serving soldier who claims the place is ‘like a sick game show’.

So, nice to see you, to see you, nice…to the trooper who sneaked two prostitutes into a Norwegian police station and had sex with them on the inspector’s desk.

Come on down, the cavalrymen high on cocaine while on horseback yards from the Queen in the Trooping The Colour ceremony.

And shut that door to the troopers responsible for stealing tens of thousands of pounds worth of riding equipment from stalls at shows.

But if life in the British army is already like a sick game show, then what better subject for a sick game show?

The Mirror says Channel 4 has made a show, in which volunteers endure Guantanamo Bay-style torture.

‘The seven men – three of them Muslim – were blindfolded, stripped naked and forced to endure physical abuse and extreme cold,’ the paper says.

‘They were also deprived of sleep, banned from the toilet and suffered cruel gay sexual taunts.’

The Mirror says that one ‘victim’ threw up, another wet himself and three others quit before the 48 hours was up.

The show, billed as an expose of torture, is broadcast on Monday.

‘And here’s your host, Mister Paul Ross…”

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