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by | 25th, February 2005

‘BE a terrorist and see the world.

‘Hey, weren’t you also in 5C?’

Well, that’s what it says on the al-Qaeda recruitment poster. But you don’t need to go to some remote desert to learn how to how to make bombs and blow yourself up.

The Times reports from Woodbridge School, Suffolk, where a teenager described by teachers as a ‘very enthusiastic chemistry pupil’ needed only his home computer and some simple ingredients to concoct napalm.

Having used his half-term break productively, the unnamed youth then took his highly flammable flesh-burning jelly to school.

His classmates were well impressed. But his teacher was less so and called in the police, who arrived, decided in their immeasurable wisdom that it was a potentially dangerous substance and ordered the chemistry lab to be evacuated.

An Army bomb disposal team was called and the science project destroyed.

Happily, no one was injured. But they could have been. And so the youngster has been deported to Guantanamo Bay, his computer impounded and his home burnt to the ground…

Now, don’t you all feel so much safer..?’

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