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Monkey Business

by | 1st, March 2005

‘OF course, the Oscars are only a B-picture to the main attraction – the trial of Michael Jackson.


But before the film of the trial can be made, we need the actual trial. And after much deliberating, it finally got underway yesterday.

And the news is that Jackson has called upon his pet chimp, the small hairy little boy called Bubbles, to testify on his behalf.

The Star says that Jackson thinks his monkey pal can testify under oath that the singer never hurt or abused children.

Using sign-language, the singer plans to “communicate” with his friend with the aid of a gorilla called Koko.

Jacko’s lawyers will sign their questions to Koko, who speaks 1,000 words (including 999 words for banana and one for innocent). Koko will then speak to Bubbles.

Bubbles will reply to Koko’s questions. Koko will translate the gibbers into sign language. And the lawyers will say that on the night in question Bubbles was in his den watching old Tarzan movies.

And eating a banana…’

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