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Ajax Come Clean

by | 3rd, March 2005

‘REMEMBER when it was lucky for Spurs when the year ended in one?

Giving Liverpudlian’s the finger

Well, it still is, and come 2011, we’re certain that Martin Jol’s boys will be the greatest team the world has ever seen.

But in the meantime, they can still play some decent stuff, as they did last night, beating a pretty ineffectual Nottingham Forest side by three goals to nil.

It’s all going to plan. The Spurs are on course to meet their 2011 deadline full pelt. The only doubt is whether Jol will still be in charge of the team come that heady era.

Indeed, as the Sun says there is a question mark over whether the affable Dutchman with the guard dog’s smile will still be at the Lane tomorrow.

Ajax of Amsterdam are said to be ready to make Jol an offer he cannot refuse. Only he might – if Spurs can up his pay from a pathetic minimum wage of £600,000 a year, Jol might decline the offer to coach one of the world’s great clubs and stay at Spurs.

But as Jol considers his future, and Spurs get ready to return to that well-used drawing board, the Express waves a hearty goodbye to David Prutton.

After his antics in his side’s 1-01 draw with Arsenal – he shoved the referee after being red-carded – the player pleaded guilty to being a berk and has been duly banned from playing for ten matches. He has earned his punishment.

But what did Jose Mourinho deserve for his “Shhh!” gesture to Liverpool fans at last weekend’s Carling Cup final?

Many Scousers will no doubt consider that the cocksure Chelsea boss should be hung, drawn and quartered. Or made to offer a public apology to the people of that Red city, in the manner of Boris Johnson or Jimmy Corkhill.

But, as the Express says, he got nothing aside from a slap on the wrist from those hard men at the FA. Mourinho’s been told not to do it again.

And surely even this mild rebuke is too much. While fans shamefully scream that a manager is a paedophile, chuck mobile phones at players and generally foam at the mouth, Mourinho puts his finger over his lips.

What a maniac. Nutter! You can forget the hanging – it’s too good for him…’

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