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The N Word

by | 4th, March 2005

‘WHILE the Tories use Mrs Dixon to rebrand themselves as the party of caring and healing, the city of Nottingham is also seeking out a new image.

Robbing from the taxpayer to give to the designers

Nottingham might still conjure up an image of a band of merry men clad in green tights stealing from the rich to give to the poor, but the reality can be far removed from Robin Hood.

For starters, the modern day muggers use guns, ultra violence and don’t care if the victim is rich or not.

What’s more, the men are not so much merry as they are drunk out of their heads and looking for fight in the precinct.

Nottingham’s image as a city has taken a battering of late. But, as the Telegraph explains, design gurus have unveiled nothing short of a “masterplan” to make things better.

For the paltry sum of £120,000, these experts in fonts and colours have rebranded Nottingham as a “large, purple and lopsided N with the word Nottinghamshire below”.

We have to take the black-and-white Telegraph’s word for it that this “N” is indeed purple. But we can only agree with Experience Nottinghamshire, the public-private partnership responsible for the redesign, that it is “in your face”.

John Heeley, the chief executive of the group says that “N” has “the power to be the best-ever place brand” – even better than I Love New York.

“We see the new Nottingham and Nottinghamshire brands going one better by being out there, in your face and on the streets.”

He goes on: “These new brands will act as a rallying point for all of us to unite in celebrating our strengths.”

And it seems to be working already as the good people of Nottingham come together to look at the “N” and tell the world that it is “ugly”, “looks like something I did in an art project when I was 10” and “wrong”.’

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