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Bubbles Rap

by | 4th, March 2005

‘LAIR is a funny word, isn’t it? If you look at it quickly, or if you are dyslexic, or just semi-literate, then you might easily misread it as “liar”.

Bubbles are made to be blown

Interesting, then, that both the Sun and Mirror choose to use it in their front-page headlines, which relate to an ongoing court case.

The Mirror sails closest to the wind with “JACKO’S LAIR”, which is a single letter and a slip of the finger away from a very serious – and possibly expensive – accusation.

The Sun plays it straight with “INSIDE JACKO’S LAIR”, although that headline is just about the only straight thing relating to Michael Jackson’s “Neverland” nest, if its coverage of the court revelations is anything to go by.

“Life-sized dolls, kids’ photographs, mannequins of boys and a portrait of star with Jesus Christ,” announces the paper on page 4, describing some of the objects displayed in a video of Jacko’s lair shown to the court.

In other words, the same sort of thing you would find in most homes, judging by a cursory glance at eBay.

But this is no joking matter. Serious allegations have been made. A boy claims to have been molested.

According to one witness quoted in the Mirror, even Bubbles the chimp suffered abuse, after a nappy-changing session during which Jackson “got carried away”.

The paper says that Jackson was caught “pleasuring” his pet, and if this is true, then things look bleak for the pale-faced former prince of pop.

Then again, with a word in the right ear, and a duet with Rebecca Loos in aid of animal welfare charities, he could be back at the top of the charts by Christmas.’

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