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Shooting From The Lip

by | 7th, March 2005

‘IF it’s not wannabe singers showing their nipples, British TV is full of foul-mouthed footballers showing their displeasure with the referee.

Rooney tries to think of a word that rhymes with luck

And, in the opinion of Martin Ward, deputy general secretary of the Secondary Heads Association, it is time to transfer football to after the 9pm watershed.

As any parent who today discovers their child pretending to be a popstar by dancing in front of a mirror and popping out a nipple in a “wardrobe malfunction” knows, the young ape their heroes.

And do not be in any doubt that copying the likes of Wayne Rooney’s effing and blinding is wrong.

“When a player tells a referee to f*** off – in full view of millions of people on television – he should be sent off, first time, every time, however famous he may be,” says Ward in the Mail.

“He would soon learn how to behave in civilised society and an example would be set to young people.”

But not everyone agrees, and the Mirror hears from Jimmy Hill. The man who once equated a comment on his elongated chin with racial abuse, says swearing is part of the game.

“Most of the time it’s not audible on TV anyway,” says Jimmy. “It makes you wonder what the kids have heard already to recognise the words.”

Sure it does. And the sooner dad stops calling Jimmy Hill a complete and utter w***** everytime he appears on the magic box, the better off we’ll all be…’

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