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Hyde & Hair

by | 8th, March 2005

‘IN May last year, Daniel Hyde made his debut in Hello! magazine.

In one year, let’s be laughing together

Now, almost one year on, the actor we feel able to call Daniel appears in OK! for the very first time.

The reason for his appearance is less that he is available at short notice to plug the gap left by Jordan’s refusal to talk about her naval, and more because he is interesting with a capital ‘I’.

Not that Daniel thinks of himself as anything special. “When I make public appearances,” says he, “I find it absolutely bizarre that people try to grab me.”

He goes on: “It’s nice when people ask for my autograph but I still find it bizarre – I’m not John Travolta.”

Quite so. He is, as it says on the press release pertaining to his celebrity appearance, one Daniel Hyde, a “quite hairy boy” who once acted in Hollyoaks.

Yes, that’s right, Daniel is hairy. He never told Hello! that fact, saving the scoop for its rival publication.

What’s more, he once shaved his torso to show off his six-pack. Although he may shave it more often because his girlfriend, Dominique, says if she notices it’s getting hairy she tells him to shave it again.

And that could be at any time, because Daniel and Dominique are, by their own admission, “very impromptu”.

“We’re the kind of people who’ll wake up one morning and say: ‘Let’s do it today.’” No, not shave Daniel’s stomach and chest – although they might or might not do that – but get married.

That’s how unpredictable they are. Who knows what they’ll do next – fly a kite, climb Ben Nevis dressed as nuns or eat their own weight in chocolate ants.

Or, maybe, just maybe, appear in Heat, Closer or Women’s Own sometime next year…’

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