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by | 9th, March 2005

‘RATHER than despatching wannabe action heroes to the front-line, why not simply send the genuine articles?

They wouldn’t have stood a chance

Gary from Indiana and Bo from Nebraska can try to recapture the energy and grit of the Die Hard series or the vivid futuristic reality of The Terminator, but they will never be Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Neither will they be Russell Crowe, who we today learn was an early target of al-Qaeda.

The Guardian says on its front page that in the months leading up to the Oscars in 2001, the actor was approached by the FBI.

The story goes that agents had heard a whisper that Osama bin Laden’s men were planning to kidnap the actor as part of a “cultural destabilisation plan”.

But rather than invite the terrorists do their worse and so meet their ends at the hands of the macho actor, the powers that be lent him some body guards.

And so it was that al-Qaeda had a narrow escape from their certain destruction.

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