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Driver’s Marque

by | 15th, March 2005

‘DID you know that the car you drive is dependent on your name?

A typical Tony

For instance, if you’re called John Prescott, you always drive at least two Jags, possible at the same time. And if your name’s Camilla, you destined to end up in a white Fiat Uno, possible battered.

But, as the sun reports, if your name’s Matthew, Adam or Alexander, who will find yourself seated before the controls of a Renault Clio.

And if the researchers who analysed 500,000 names from insurance firm Churchill’s database are to be believed, Lees, Garys and Carls just love Vauxhall Astras.

And the modern Mondeo Man, his hands wrapped in driving gloves, his finger tapping out the rhythms of classic rock on the steering wheel, is called Adrian, Howard, Julian or Rodney.

And a woman who drives a 15-year-old, 4×4, E-reg white Fiat Panda is called Sandra Howard, and is the wife of the Tory party’s leader, Michael.

Or, rather, she did drive such a motor, because the Express carries the grim news that her trusty steed has been trashed by vandals. They attacked the car at a railways station in Kent.

“It was quite sickening to see how violent these mindless vandals had been to it,” says Sandra. “I’m really sad at its passing.”

And so are we. But, although we can offer her a shoulder to cry on, we can’t guide Sandra towards her next car – the Sun’s list fails to mention of what a Sandra drives.

Although, if her husband can use the Fiat’s demise as an emblem of what life’s like in Tony Blair’s Britain, Sandra might soon be riding around in something a little more salubrious.’

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