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by | 16th, March 2005

‘SURE, our Government can spend thousands of taxpayers’ pounds on snowman building contests for artists, but compared to the European bureaucrat, we Brits are amateurs at squandering public funds.

Hans and Sven begin work on the ”spa and sauna” extension

As the Telegraph reports on its front page, civil servants at the European Union have pushed out the gravy boat to build a subsidised crèche for their delightful children.

In itself, this is all well and good. Quite right it is that little Wolfgang and Sabrina can enjoy as normal a life as possible as vater and mama put the word to rights.

But should the fees be more than 20,000 a year, almost as much as the price for sending a child to Eton, on of the UK’s top public schools?

The paper tells us that fees at private crèches in Brussels are around £6,000 a year – which is a lot, but a lot less than £20,000.

But before you consider the bureaucrats whose children will be attending this new nursery to be fools, know that they will not be footing the extortionate bill – you will.

The parents are expected to pay no more than £3,500 a year, with the remainder coming from subsidies provided by the EU taxpayer.

And to think, that for all your generosity, you didn’t even get a lump of jelly with bits of tinned fruit in for your pains…

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