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by | 17th, March 2005

‘“MOVE over Jane Austen, Bronte sisters, Virginia Woolf, Mary Shelly…here’s the next female literary giant.”

”It was the best of belts, it was the worst of bras…”

So announces the Sun, which is delighted to tell the world that Jodie Marsh, she of the interesting nose and the exposed puckered flesh, is to turn her hand to writing.

Not only are we shocked to discover that La Marsh can write, but we stand back in amazement to learn that she can do it rather well.

At least that’s the impression the glamour mo-del left on publisher John Blake’s inbox.

Her first tome will not be a reworking of Shelly’s Frankenstein, where a monstrous woman with Jordan’s breasts, Jodie’s nose and a collection of glamour mo-dels’ bits and pieces runs amuck; it will be an autobiography – about Jodie!

The book will be called Keeping It Real, and it is, as Jodie says it is, her “chance to be taken as a serious writer. I am not a glamour model any more.”

“I even turned up to the launch in a smart suit,” boasts Marsh. “My book will be 1000 times better than Jordan’s because it’s so well written. It’s the hardest thing I’ve done but I always won best writer prizes at school.”

So look out for the next big thing on the writer’s block. Both of them…

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