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by | 17th, March 2005

‘REMEMBER when Steve Brookstein was the next big thing in pop singing?

Michelle Marsh

Sure you do. He won the X Factor talent show to become reality TV’s latest singing sensation. He was the new Gareth Gates. He was the new Michelle Marsh. He was Steeeeve Brooook-steeein…

Well, if you don’t know who he is, don’t worry because, as the Mirror says, it’s possible you’ll never hear his voice since his career has “hit the skids” before it got going.

The Mirror says that “industry insiders” have taken to calling the 36-year-old Londoner the “Ex Factor” after his second single and first album failed to materialise.

“I’ve written for other artists for so many years and I am struggling now I’m writing for myself,” says Steve. “I feel I have to write this masterpiece, but I’m not getting my head around it.”

Perhaps he’s in need of some help from the erudite Jodi Marsh. Or he could just do as every other singer does and belt out someone else’s song…

Paul Sorene is the Anorak’

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