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Here We Go Again

by | 17th, March 2005

‘HOW do you know when you are no longer a jobbing actor and have grown into a star?

For more shots like this, best look through Jamie’s bins

In truth, there are many ways: having your agent call you; being invited to read scripts sent to you by express mail; being suddenly irresistible to members of each and every sex.

And having photos of your pre-famous naked self turn up on the Internet.

And that last event threatens to happen to Oscar-winning actor-turned-star Jamie Foxx, unless he and his people (the famous have people) can prevent photo broker David Hans Schmidt selling shots of the actor in the raw.

The Enquirer says that a website claims that some 90 “personal photos” of the star in “sexually explicit” poses are out there.

And Schmidt has them in his possession. They came to him via a workman, one Mark Fithian, who was working on the star’s Las Vegas mansion.

“Some of the photos were quite disgusting,” says Fithian, a 40-year-old bin diver, “and judging by the photographs, Jamie likes his women.”

So vile are these snaps that Fithian found it hard to dispose of them in any place other than an agent’s hands, and one who could sell them for big bucks – Schmidt claims to have been offered $1 million for the entire collection.

But, thankfully, we may never have our mind’s scarred as Fithian’s has been if Foxx and his people can buy back the shots back.

We can only pray they succeed…’

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