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The Old Shoulder

by | 18th, March 2005

‘HOIST the white bandage, the battle of Margaret’s Shoulder is over.

Of all the joints, in all the world

The poster patient for the Tories’ assault on Labour’s record on the NHS is now on the mend after Mrs Dixon was given a replacement shoulder during a two-and-a-half hour procedure at Warrington General Hospital.

The Times says the operation – in which the Mrs Dixon had only a 30:70 chance of survival because of problems with her lungs, kidneys and heart – was a success.

It’s good news, indeed. “The family are ecstatic,” says her daughter Lindsay Dixon. “We are so relieved.”

And who wouldn’t be – the poor woman has to never see another politician as long as she lives.

Which leaves the Tories to look for a new cause celebre – and the Labour party to get down on its hands and knees and pray that Mrs Dixon doesn’t now fall victim to the potentially deadly MRSA superbug…

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