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Day Release

by | 23rd, March 2005

‘GOOD news for any rising starlet in need of a celebrity lover – self-confessed “incurable romantic” Darren Day is back on the prowl.

Auditions to be Darren’s new girlfriend will be held at a Travelodge near you

Many of you will doubtless have been labouring under the impression that Darren had settled down with Suzanne Shaw and their baby son, Correy.

But the Mirror tells us that the couple are no more, and two weeks ago Day dumped the mother of his child because he found it impossible to commit to being a dad.

“Sometimes, I’d say, ‘Let’s go out with the pram’, and he’d say, ‘I’m too tired’. It was a constant battle to go out and do family things,” says Suzanne.

And it gets worse when we learn that “love rat” Day did not even return Suzanne’s calls when the three-month-old Correy fell victim to a bout of conjunctivitis.

But while Darren is testing the casting bed at a Travelodge, and Suzanne is preparing to sell their Hertfordshire home, the Sun notices that Day has coined a new catchphrase for himself.

Having satiated her need to tell us that she and Day only had sex once since the baby’s birth, Suzanne says that Day threw her the parting shot: “I don’t do family.”

But he does do co-stars, aspiring actresses, reality TV show winners, the fame hungry…

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