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Where There’s A Will…

by | 27th, March 2005

‘IT’S been a difficult month since Old Mr Anorak breathed his last. And a period made yet more trying by the great man’s young widow, Young Mrs Anorak VI.

With our former patron’s Comfi Slax still warm to the touch, she has decided to contest his last will and testament.

If she wins, the Thai ladies’ ping-pong team that Old Mr Anorak coached with so much dedication for many a long winter will not get a set of new balls.

Staff at Anorak Towers will be evicted and the windowless underground cellar we’ve been proud to call “home” for the past ten years turned into a holding bay for the good lady’s spare shoes.

The only living soul in what was once the throbbing heart of the UK’s oldest ezine will be the waspish bearded woman our Latvian-born mistress affectionately calls “mother”, whose job it is to polish her lady’s shoes every day.

To avoid this we need a good a lawyer and a sponsor.

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