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He’s Not Alone

by | 29th, March 2005

‘WHEN the film of the Michael Jackson trial is made, Macaulay Culkin is a shoo-in to play the musician.

Behind you!

Sure, the blond actor will have to lighten his skin a little for the part, but computer trickery can help with that.

Culkin, the former child star, is talented enough to make the role his own, and has a head start on the competition in being familiar with the plot.

How “The Boy Is Mine (Cert. 12)” ends has yet to be decided, but in scene five Culkin makes a surprise appearance as one of the singer’s alleged previous victims.

As the Mail tells readers on its front page, Culkin was not Home Alone, as the movie said he was, but round at Jackson’s Neverland ranch.

But nothing untoward happened there – police interviewed Culkin when Jackson was first accused of child abuse over a decade ago and Culkin denied that Jackson had ever molested him.

As such, Culkin has been named as a defence witness. But as the Sun says, his testimony will also form part of the prosecution’s case.

Yesterday, the paper says that Judge Rodney Melville granted prosecutors the right to bring before the court evidence from Culkin and six more of Jackson’s alleged victims.

Of course, although seven as a number is of use to they who would see Jackson put behind bars, the number is no good for the media.

So the judge has helpfully agreed to allow only five of the seven cases to be heard by the jury, thus giving the Sun and just about every paper from Santa Maria to Wapping the chance to write the headline: “THE JACKSON FIVE.”

And for Culkin to take centre stage again…

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