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The Blues Babies

by | 30th, March 2005

‘HOW do you follow a Gawain? Answer: with an Elwood.

The Penguin

Which is what Gawain Rainey did when his wife, the “aristocratic model” Jasmine Guinness, gave birth to their son.

Now she’s four month’s pregnant, and the couple have to work out how to they’re last effort can be topped.

Little Elwood has had imaginary bothers and sisters for years, but he’s not offering up any of their names.

Perhaps a “lunch of Lebanese food in the airy kitchen of their west London home” will develop the right ambiance to set their minds to the task in hand.

They both come from what Jasmine calls “bohemian and very unconventional” families – what the rest of us call rich – and surely that legacy has invested them with the right degree of creativity to think of another name.

But it sounds unpromising, as the pair skirt round the issue with talk of how he proposed on the top of a hill and how both families are great pals.

Perhaps, like before, they need inspiration from other sources.

“When Elwood was born we had about five names ready for him,” says Gawain. “Jasmine has been keen on the name Jake [see every other child], which I wasn’t mad about, but just before he was born we watched the Blues Brothers film and there’s a character in it called Elwood.”

And another called, er, Jake…’

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