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Boost For Shoplifters

by | 30th, March 2005

‘AFTER politicians fought over Bella Woman and Mondeo Man, the Liberal Democrats are now gunning for the vote of Lidl Lady, Gap Girl and Boots Babe.

Barry was ready to hit the shops

As the Times reports, the party of neither one thing nor the other believes women should not be sent to jail for shoplifting.

Rather than banging these villains up, the LibDems say that if they are elected to power not only will the many levels of Hell have frozen rock solid but women shoplifters will be handed community service sentences.

As Charles Kennedy, the party’s leader explains: “What is achieved in such a set of circumstances [jailing women shoplifters]? You have a woman behind bars, separated in many cases from children. Wouldn’t it be better if that person was rehabilitated in the community, rather than being incarcerated?”

While there are elements of this idea that are eminently sensible – especially if Kennedy is right when he says prison doesn’t always work and 60% of felons come out of prison just to commit more crime – the idea that women should be spared jail is not one supported by the Tories.

And neither is it backed up by the Labour party, which argues that persistent shoplifters should be jailed for anything up to six months.

By which time that purloined Linda McCartney pie will have past its sell-by date and those discounted designer boots gone out of fashion…’

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