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by | 31st, March 2005

‘TONY Blair has yet to say “pukka” or tell us about how great Gordon “f*&(@~g Brown is at pig farming, but he recognises the need to be more like Jamie Oliver.

”So when does the tongue come into it”

The full transformation from a crafty political operator into a mouthy full-tongued cook has yet to be enacted, and we can confirm the figures standing outside the door to No.10 on the Telegraph’s cover page is Oliver not Blair.

And there’s Jamie – now he’s politicised cooking, we’ll call him Jamie – on the Times’s cover, and again inside the paper, this time in deep conversation with Tony.

Behind a table laden with turkey twisters, chicken nuggets and reconstituted meat-style products dressed up to look like apples, pears and bananas (see dictionary, kids), we see Jamie and Tony chewing the fat off school dinners.

It seems that Jamie’s TV show, Jamie’s School Dinners, has been watched by Tony and some of his minions and they’ve noted how popular the cook’s drive to improve the slops our children are served is.

And where popular leads, Tony follows. So, there he is talking to Jamie on the day the Government pledges an extra 220 million in funding to raise the amount spent on food per pupil to 50p in primary schools and 60p in secondaries.

Which is great news for Jamie, terrific news for vote-chasing Tony, who is now Jamie’s best mate, and brilliant for school children who know that for 60p they can get a packet of crisps and some sweets from one of the phalanx of vending machines that line the school corridors…

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