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by | 1st, April 2005

‘SO much for “Things Can Only Get Pukka”. No sooner has Tony Blair pushed his rictus grin into Jamie Oliver’s face than the cook’s gone and revealed his Tory credentials.

”I’m as Conservative as the next man,” says Jamie

And what’s more, the Independent says that young Oliver is all set to be unveiled as the Tory’s new approved candidate for Arundel and the South Downs.

If the Tories pull this one off – and given their record, there can be no guarantee they will not make a pig’s ear hash out of it – Oliver could make every one forget about Howard Flight, the now former Conservative deputy chairman who has just been ousted from the West Sussex seat.

And it gets worse for Tony. While our leader can point to a few snaps of he and Oliver breaking some organic bread and bananas, the Tories will have an entire documentary to call upon.

The paper says that though the Tories refused to comment on their meeting with the cook, whose campaign for better school dinners has triggered political debate on the issue, Channel 4 filmed the table-for-two chat between Oliver and Tory leader Michael Howard.

While the Tories get ready to crow, and Tony eats the bird raw, friends of the cook explain his reasons for standing.

It seems that, while a Tory at heart, the Essex boy had no beef with the Government until Ruth Kelly, the Secretary of State for Education, tried to play down his role in securing a £280m package for improving school dinners.

As Kelly says: “The very first day I took office [in December] I said to people I wanted to see an improvement in the school meal service, and I didn’t even know Jamie Oliver was making a programme about it.”

Whether Kelly’s claim is true or not, it seems horribly childish and small-minded of her to try pass off the project as all her own work, especially when Oliver’s work has been so high profile.

Next she’ll be telling she’s been too busy doing her homework to watch any TV at all.

While Jamie whips up a delicious April Fool…’

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