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by | 5th, April 2005

‘NO sooner have the RSPVs been returned, the time off work booked and the commemorative tea towels pressed and laundered than the Royal wedding is put back a day.

Charles wonders how Camilla can be at two places at once

For anyone not yet in the know, Charles and Camilla’s big day has been moved from Friday to Saturday.

And if you’re looking for a portent, a sign of how things will go with them after the knot has been tied, know that their original wedding spot has been taken up by the Pope’s funeral.

Rather than exchanging “I dos” with his lover, Charles will be in Rome for the Pope’s funeral.

If that was not a bad enough omen on its own, the Sun reminds us that this Saturday marks the third anniversary of the Queen Mother’s funeral.

Little wonder the Queen is said by the Sun to be “totally exasperated” by a wedding that has been dogged by controversy from the outset.

While one Palace lackey, described as a senior royal source” says Her Majesty feels the wedding is “jinxed”.

The Express goes with the idea of the event being cursed (“CAMILLA’S BIG DAY IS JINXED”), while the Mail tempts fate with its headline: “CAN ANYTHING ELSE POSSIBLY GO WRONG?”

Of course it can. And the Mail spends much time producing stories like: “Banana republic Britain”; “We were ready to storm cockpit as jet leaked fuel; how the security bill for the wedding will now double to £2million.

But while a huge comet continues on a collision course with Windsor, the paper does at least touch on one intriguing sub-plot: Charles and Camilla’s wedding will be run on the same day as horse racing’s Grand National.

With the blessing for the ceremony due to take place at 2:30, and the news that the BBC likes to begin its coverage of the sporting showpiece at 1pm, schedules are going to overlap.

Although, the BBC shouldn’t worry – given the appearance of the runners and the wedding party, we wonder if anyone will notice the difference…

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