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by | 7th, April 2005

‘YOU’D think in this day and age, school kids would know how to use a knife. Admittedly, most prefer to carry a gun, but even so, you have to know the basics before you move on to firearms.

”Is it a spoon, sir?”

Yet according to the Star, children are having to be taught how to HOLD a knife, let alone use it.

Of course, what they mean is a knife and fork, as the head teacher of St Luke’s Primary School near Rochdale explains. “There has been a trend in the past five years for children to come to school unable to hold a knife and fork or sit at the table properly,” he says.

“The majority of families do not even have a table any more.”

This he blames on the decline in family meals and the availability of convenience foods.

More importantly, if kids don’t even have a table any more, how are they going to learn to drink anybody under it?

Ed Barrett’

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