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Run Off The Miller

by | 8th, April 2005

‘WHILE Prince Charles only has eyes for his Camilla, the rest of us are invited to ogle Sienna Miller.

Climbing the ladder to the top

Miller is one of those people for whom fame has come easy. Nice looking without being ravishing, talented without being gifted, Miller is an accessible star for our age.

And there she is today in what the Mirror is calling the “Riddle of bare-legged star”.

“Now you see them…now you don’t,” says the paper as it notes that on a night out in London, the 23-year-old actress was wearing some tights.

There are the black tights, hanging out from the hem of her red dress.

But when we next see Sienna, the tights are gone. And in the best traditions of investigative journalism, the Mirror wants to know why when Miller emerged from the Nobu restaurant her legs were bare. The tights had vanished!”

This is clearly a mystery that goes deep to the very core of what Miller is. If we can solve it we might just gain an insight into why she and not one of the other hundreds of attractive, blonde actresses that live in this fair land made it.

But while we scratch out heads, the Mirror keeps staring at Sienna’s legs, and notes that after going to a club, the tights were back on.

And the too Sun is flabbergasted. In “SIEN MY TIGHTS TRICK?”, the paper notices this amazing chain of events.

“What did she do with ‘em?” it asks.

Helpfully, the paper has some suggestions: she may have removed them to bonk in a broom cupboard; given them to cab driver as an emergency fanbelt; laughed so hard she had a “little accident”; or lent them to the eatery’s cooks to strain the rice with.

It’s a riddle wrapped up in a mystery. And, most likely, wrapped up in Sienna’s bag…

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