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Pope Idol

by | 8th, April 2005

‘NEWS now from Rome, where the Pope’s body is being made ready for its final journey to the grave.

”Not ruddy Ave Maria again!”

And be warned: the city is full. If you are thinking of arriving in the Eternal City, unless you’re the Holy Ghost, you wont; get in. It’d be best to stay at home and watch the funeral on the telly.

And, as the Times says, the moment is now passed for seeing the Pope’s body lying in state.

While Simon Cowell hosts Pope Star within the Vatican walls, and the new pontiff is elected in a secret phone vote, the paper notices Anne-Beatrice Aune, a 22-year-old lass from Nice.

After a 12-hour boat journey from Toulon, and a sprint over the final 200-metres, Beatrice became the last person to see the Pope’s body before the gates were shut.

Well done on her. She was there! But she’d best get a wiggle on if she’s to make it to Windsor in time for the next big free show.

A queue of a many as three or four people is already starting to form…

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