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Devil In Disguise

by | 16th, May 2005

‘ELVIS Presley’s pelvic gyrations were considered so shocking in uptight 1950s America that TV cameramen were famously instructed to show him only from the waist up.

”You ain’t nothin’ but a schweinhund…”

But in the 21st century even that wouldn’t have been enough to save his reputation, as pictures in today’s Sun make clear.

Only his shoulders, arms and head are visible, yet that’s enough to convict him of crimes against modern political correctness.

The pictures are from a home movie taken in the 1960s – a time when many young Americans were experimenting with drugs and putting flowers in their hair and down the barrels of national guardsmen’s rifles.

The King meanwhile was going down a slightly different road –

putting a German SS cap on his head and giving the Nazi salute.

The film was discovered by Mark Vernon, who was given it years ago, but had never watched it and had no idea what it contained. “I was shocked,” he says.

The paper then reminds us of another incident in which a famous person was pictured in a similar get-up. For the benefit of those readers with short memories, the Sun’s pictures of Prince Harry in Nazi regalia shocked many people last year.

“I was shocked,” remembers retired postman Victor Perkins. “I hadn’t noticed until then that Harry looked so unlike Prince Charles.”’

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