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Call Girls

by | 18th, May 2005

‘“HI, I’m Steph. A hot blonde, a perfect 10… and I fiddle my benefits.”

You alright in there Wayne?

Well, pleased to meet you, Steph. And as long as it’s just benefits you fiddle, and you don’t go near any kiddies, then we’ll turn a blind eye, what with you being blonde and all.

But of course, the headline we quote is in fact an example of heavy irony. The Star is simply drawing attention to the fact that the “perfect 10” is the sort of aural description given on sex chatlines, which are usually staffed by women who have the sort of face that is made for radio, or in this case, the telephone.

The specific case in question is that of 45-year-old Steph Nield, who judging by the paper’s photo is neither blonde nor a perfect 10.

She has just been found guilty of fraudulently claiming benefits while working as a dirty talker, and has been told to pay back £20,000 at a rate of £8 a week.

The Star says it will take decades to clear the debt, but she should beware of people coming to her with get-rich-quick schemes.

In three years time she will be 48, and living in Manchester as he does, she could well find herself in demand among the kind of young man with lots of money, ginger hair, and a taste for older women.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you, Steph.’

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