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by | 18th, May 2005

‘RESISTING any urge to dress up in the garb of Iraq’s Revolutionary Command Council, George Galloway opted for a sober dark suit as he appeared on Capitol Hill before a posse of US Senators.

The thinking man’s moustache

And what a performance the moustachioed MP for Bethnal and Bow gave, as the Guardian watches the man defend himself in the face of the accusation that he profited illegally from Iraqi oil sales.

It was, as the Guardian cannot resist saying it was, the “mother of all invective”, as Galloway peppered his oratory with “neo-cons”, ”Zionists” and a “pro-war lunch mob”.

The sub-committee investigating Galloway, its members drawn from across the two-tone US political spectrum, were to the accused nothing more than “a lickspittle Republican committee”, intent on creating the “mother of all smokescreens”.

Not that so upright and selfless an individual as Galloway would try to deflect attention away from the central issue to make good his escape.

And there he is denying the charge levelled against him. “Who paid me hundreds of thousand of dollars?” the Telegraph hears him ask the Senators. “The answer is nobody.”

So much for being guilty of that. So much of being guilty of “evasion”, as one of his inquisitors puts it. So much of choosing to ignore the questions that were put before him.

Galloway is putting on a bravura performance. And even the Telegraph appears touched by his words. Get a load of: “In a bass voice rising with indignation to fill the august chamber” Galloway gave his defence.

This is to the Telegraph’s mind, nothing less than Galloway giving the Americans a lesson in how the British do things. It was “the scatter-gun and ad hominem approach of British parliamentary debate” in full voice.

Crikey! Any more of this and the man talked about as being Saddam’s apologist, the so-called Right Honourable Member for Baghdad Central, will be as popular with the press as he is in some parts of London’s East End…’

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