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Banding Together

by | 18th, May 2005

‘WHILE the enemy are venous, shadowy and murderous, our brave British boys are game lads out for a good time and a bit of a giggle.

”And all that I knew was the hole in my shoe…”

If you doubt that, ask yourself if Osama bin Laden, for all his talk of helping the poor and deprived, has ever released a charity record.

He hasn’t. But our lads are about to. And the Times says that the video of the Royal Dragoon Guards doing their version of (Is This The Way To) Amarillo?, the hit song in which comic Peter Kay mimes to Tony Christie’s 1971 song, will earn loads of money for good causes.

So many of us want to see the video of Staff Sergeant Roger Parr as he trots around camp that the Ministry of Defence’s computer system, on which the video can be seen, has been brought to its knees. And the MoD’s e-mail system has crashed.

While this might be the opportune moment for the forces still loyal to Saddam Hussein to launch an attack, the Times thinks it’s a good moment to hear from all singing, all dancing Sgt. Parr.

“It’s been crazy, really mad,” says Parr. “We are all massive Peter Kay fans – well who isn’t.” Indeed.

He goes on to say that everyone got involved in the video. “Even the lads with diarrhoea were in the video – they were the ones holding the toilet role.”

And dreaming of soft toilet paper, groupies and fame…’

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