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Eccles Fake

by | 20th, May 2005

‘AND finally…

The gnome of Manchester

Just when you thought that the Manchester United saga couldn’t get any darker, there’s news of fresh anger and outrage.

The story concerns a Mr Glazier of Eccles… but you’re ahead of us aren’t you?

Sure enough, a solicitor called Malcolm Glazier has been under siege from furious United fans labouring under the misapprehension that he is the Yank tycoon Malcolm Glazer. That’s the Malcolm Glazer who is busy removing their birthright and generally ruining everything by buying the club and, er, turning it into a world-beating outfit that will make Real Madrid look like Charlton Athletic.

The Mirror reveals that he has been “swamped by abusive emails”. Meanwhile, in nearby Rochdale, the real Malcolm Glazer laughs evilly behind his claw-like hand…

Ed Barrett’

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