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Laws Of Physics

by | 26th, May 2005

‘THAT there is one law for some and another for the rest of us is an accusation often levelled at our judicial system.

Pc William Hartle scrubbed up well

And it’s not one overly helped by last week’s story of how speeding cop Pc Mark Milton, caught doing up to 149mph, escaped punishment when up before the Beak on account that he was “familiarising” himself with his vehicle.

And neither is it aided by today’s news, as the Telegraph tells readers that an officer accused of travelling at 90mph in a 30pmh zone escaped prosecution after the so-called “black box”, an onboard device used to check speeds, disappeared.

Now imagine Pc Daniel Swain’s surprise when, having been allowed to walk free for lack of evidence, Derbyshire police found the missing black box in another car.

Rendered speechless by the miracle of disappearing matter turning up somewhere so unexpected, Pc Swain understandably offers no comment to the paper.

Forget the law of the land – this is one law of physics for our crime-fighting Pc and another for the rest of life on planet Earth. Quite incredible.

But before you try to wriggle free of the legal system know that the officers are onto you. You might, as the Times says on its front page, be ten times more likely to be breathalysed in some counties than others, but the police are clamping down on drink drivers.

The Telegraph takes up the story, and says that police officers will pose as “romantic couples” in country lanes. Three females and three male officers from the Avon and Somerset force will reprise the role made so famous by Gillian Taylforth and Geoff Knights, or Hugh Grant and Divine Brown, in a bid to catch wrongdoers.

Out of the car, the officers have been trained to “mingle” with drinkers and assess their alcohol intake.

It’s a cunning plan, but while the cops change formation for gay and lesbian bars, we pray that the protectors of law and order are not forced to blend too far. Perish the thought that to avoid detection they are impelled to drink and drive themselves.

Although if they do, we can only hope that another miracle occurs and all traces of their indiscretions in the line of duty are vanished…’

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