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Hidden Depths

by | 2nd, June 2005

‘SCARY Mary, the white witch with the heavy black eyeliner, has yet to be strapped to a stool and thrown into the Big Brother pool to see if she’s sinks or floats.

”Is that an arse I see before me?”

But she is staring into hidden depths, particularly those of the lads in the Big Brother house.

”I think people will watch this show and think the men just want tits and arse, but I think a lot of guys in the House, despite the bravado, are deeper,” says Mary. ”It’s not all tits and arse.”

She’s right. It’s not. There are legs and arse, bellies and arse and thigh and arse.

And if you stay tuned long enough, the lads, and the broadcasters, are hoping to see loads of full-frontal nudity and see the show achieve its ultimate aim: a live shag. Who says Mary’s not psychic?

Or superstitious, because if there’s one thing anyone with an ounce of self-doubt knows (touch wood), it’s that you can’t have thirteen for diner, even in room full of people who would have trouble staring at fingers and toes and counting past ten.

It’s only week one, but still someone has to go. And from the outset, it looked like Mikosi would be that someone.

The cardiac nurse, a virgin, a woman who looks like James Bond’s baddie Yaphet Kotto in a shag dress, was actively invited to destroy her nascent showbiz career at its inception.

Could she get the most nominations and so be exempt from eviction? The tension, like Mikosi, became unbearable, and on Wednesday we found out that four of her housemates wanted her out.

They also wanted Sam and Roberto out. But since they all received four nominations, and all came top of the bottom, so to speak, they were all immune from eviction.

Which meant that Mikosi got to choose who was up for the public vote, and she chose someone called Craig and dear Mary.

Who goes and who stays? Well, Mary already knows. And Big Brother would be well advised to let the water out of the pool…’

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