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by | 3rd, June 2005

‘REBELLION is a dish best served young.

Oliver Letwin

There is little worse than seeing a middle-aged man with a hoody and a Crazy Frog ringtone. It is upsetting. Children should be encouraged to look away.

Not that today’s children can see anything unless it’s standing directly in front of them – the hoody acts like a set of horse blinkers.

But things are set to change. The Times says that Cuban Vintage, a fashion company, says people are no longer buying its hooded tops.

The link between hoods and yob culture has hit the firm’s sales. So they’ve altered their range.

The new tops will feature a smaller hood to prevent wearers from burying their faces within and wandering around the streets and precincts looking like renegade monks.

But surely the easier way to stop yoofs wearing these hoodies is to bring out a dad’s range.

You can just see Tony Blair putting an end to yobbery as he wanders among the Tuscan olive groves clad in his new purple hoody with pictures of naked ladies embroidered onto the sleeves…’

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