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The Colours Of Money

by | 7th, June 2005

‘DID anyone have the same dream as me? In my dream, Spurs fans complained that money was now running and ruining the game?

‘My agent says I can fly, and I believe him’

It was a most peculiar reverie, in which fans of the so-called glamour club, one of the old Big Five, the club that went public in the cash rich 1980s to earn loadsa money, complained about money hurting the game.

It made little sense. But the magical figures in my dream made a salient point about football now being controlled by cash. There is no place for loyalty when Chelsea’s millions can easily seduce the top talent from the other clubs.

Who in his right mind would not jump at the chance to double his wages, or, as is reported in the case of Spurs’ suspended sporting director Frank Arnesen, treble them?

Not, it seems, Ashley Cole. Although Cole and his agent met with Chelsea’s representatives to discuss the price of cream cheese.

You see, in among all this talk of money destroying the game, even a cock-sure pragmatist like Cole recognises that there is something else involved. Let’s call it loyalty.

“I wouldn’t sign for another Premiership club,” says Cole, “because I couldn’t imagine playing against Arsenal.”

Couldn’t imagine? Or can’t imagine any longer since being so wonderfully found out talking to Chelsea, who, the last time we looked, do play against Arsenal at least twice every year.

Not that Cole’s imagining is up to much – this is a player who didn’t imagine that meeting with representatives of another club in a hotel in breach of the Premier League’s rules would get noticed.

Now the Chelsea deal looks dead, Cole is attempting to wiggle free of the mess. He’s the victim. He’s the slave in a game of S&M played out between men in nylon and their cruel masters in silk.

And, speaking as an Arsenal fan, I don’t care. I now want Cole to go, and go fast. I no longer want to see even a tiny element of my gate money go towards this arrogant sod’s already ludicrous wages.

Best if he went to Chelsea, and Arsenal beat them in the league next season.

Footballers might be fickle, but it is high time fans behaved in the same manner. Cole doesn’t want to play for Arsenal, and I don’t want him to play for them.

Let the team pick someone else. There must be a player who wants to earn over twenty grand a week and have his name sung aloud? Anyone out there?

Or are you all waiting for a better offer..?’

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