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Bin Money

by | 8th, June 2005

‘NEWSPAPERS are often little more than litter waiting to be dropped.

Getting litter into the bin and so avoiding a fine was getting harder by the day

How often have we seen one of the Mail’s newssheets capriciously flapping around some soulless inner city shopping precinct, clucked our tongues and wondered how so much Empire and Tiffin came to this?

But things are set to change, lest all be swamped by a papery sea of falling house prices, asylum seekers and teenage mums with piercings.

So, pulling a sheet of paper from beneath our shoes, we read the Mail’s front-page news: “MARCH OF THE LITTER POLICE.”

Yesterday was D–Day for litter louts. From now on, anyone dropping so much as a cigarette butt is liable for fine of £50 from their local authority or parish council.

And there’s more. Fly-tipping is now an arrestable offence. You’ll be able to complain about light pollution, excessive light emanating from a neighbouring property.

And councils now have the power to issue £75 notices to anyone caught spraying graffiti or fly-posting.

It’s a shiny new scheme. And it gets better when we learn that the police will not have to spend all their time on such matters because the drive to make Britain clean will be lead by local council workers.

Councils will be able to designate any of their staff to ask a litter lout for their name and address and then issue a fine. A refusal to comply could lead to calls for police back up.

So, if you are pulled up by a council traffic warden, upset that you’ve just dropped at insert from the Mail on the ground, listen to what he has to say.

And if you are given a fine, try to resist the urge to rip it up and pollute the air with your ugly rant about this just being another way for councils to get rich.

Instead, take the fixed penalty notice and post it neatly into one of the many bins – so long as you can fine one and your local authority didn’t spend the better part of last night removing them all…’

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