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The Verdict

by | 14th, June 2005

‘WE’D read about it for weeks. The world was gripped. What would the outcome be? And last night we knew: Jordan had given birth to a baby boy.

Jackson’s supporters are delighted at the news

As the Sun says, Jordan’s new baby was delivered to the world at 10:30am yesterday.

“Katie and I are so happy,” says Peter Andre, the 5lb 13oz baby’s dad. “We were a bit scared because he wasn’t supposed to be here for three of four weeks.”

Scared, or disappointed? We mean this as no slight on the baby. Little Iraq Andre is surely a rare joy to behold, blessed with his mother’s brain and his father’s dimensions. But it would surely have been better had he dallied a while.

Even the most vapid showbiz types know that so much of how you’re perceived is decided by your entrance – the bigger the better.

And though the little love did arrive by emergency Caesarean at London’s showbiz baby factory, the Portland Hospital, in “a hospital dash”, he timed his entrance badly.

At 10:30, little baby Iraq was big news, undoubtedly the biggest news story of the day. We imagine huge front-page splashes were being designed.

Medics were being pumped for quotes by Wapping’s finest minds. Had the nipper taken to mum’s breast as keenly as the tabloid press? When would Jordan return to modelling? Was the baby delivered in the same bed as that in which Posh had her Romeo?

It was all in place. And then it went wrong – just after 10pm last night, Michael Jackson walked free.

Though innocent of all ten charges levelled against him, a fact the Express explains over seven pages, Jackson has almost certainly changed one boy’s life.

Not for little Iraq a bulging scrapbook of memories of his first day in showbiz. Just a place alongside Keeley, 18, from Kent on the Sun’s Page 3 and a picture of dad clutching a bouquet adorned with a “Sun” ribbon.

It could all have been so different. If only it hadn’t been for Jackson…’

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