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Harry’s Nearly Bombed

by | 16th, June 2005

‘OUR first reaction to the news that Prince Harry came very close to getting bombed at Sandhurst was to shake our heads. We had hoped Harry had gotten over his youthful dalliance with drugs and booze.

”I’ve never knowingly smoked a bomb”

To read on the Sun’s cover “SUN MAN GETS ‘BOMB’ INTO SANDHURST” comes as no small shock, not least because we thought the correct spelling was ‘B-O-N-G’.

But before Harry’s hauled over the hot knives, the Mail explains that things are not as they seem. This was a bomb, and an undercover reporter working for the Sun had it.

So it’s back to the Sun to read the front-page headline (“I could have blown Harry to bits”), and to hear from the man the paper would like to be known as “The Investigator”.

Posing as a student of warfare who wanted to research the causes of the first Gulf War, The Investigator was granted permission to use the college library.

So he drives to Sandhurst in a hire car, gives a false address to the guard on the gate and is awarded a pass in return for a flash of his credit card.

And things get yet more daring as, having set up in the library with a few books, the Investigator wanders into a lounge used by recruits, where he buys a copy of the Sun.

Among the Telegraph-reading officer class this should have made the outsider stand out. Surely, he couldn’t have drawn more attention to himself had he come dressed in a burka, although not as a Nazi, for obvious reasons.

But still no-one noticed. And while we wonder what has become of the upper echelons of the British Army when the presence of a tabloid paper in their midst can pass unnoticed, The Investigator has retuned to his car.

There, he sets about making that aforesaid bomb, albeit a fake one manufactured from a battery, a lump of blue plastercine and a travel clock.

He then poses for pictures with his bomb, before resuming his secret mission and filming the recruits via a camera hidden in his blazer, including one shot of Harry.

Although without a joint in his mouth, we can’t be entirely certain is it young Wales…’

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