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Small Mercies

by | 22nd, June 2005

‘WHAT many of you took as a joke is now revealed to be an observation based on some fact.

Something fishy?

When on Monday we suggested that Day-vid Beckham might have been wearing his wife’s bikini beneath his outfit, many of you scoffed.

And here we are two days on and there is Dave, pictured in the Sun, wearing a pair of dark, tight bikini briefs.

The paper (“GOLDEN SMALLS”) takes a look at the garment and says they are a pair of “tiny Speedo-style trunks”, popularly known as ball-breakers.

And his wearing them is seen as a good thing. The paper says that Becks is “virtually the only man who can carry off the daring look while on hols in the south of France”.

Sun readers, of course, can carry the look off on the sun-kissed beaches of Bridlington with rare aplomb, but even they should take care.

Note that Dave’s trunks are brown. They cost £120. And that if you wear them you too may have a very skinny girl in a cowboy hat hanging off you like a desperate limpet.

Rightly, this is front-page news in the Mirror, where readers get to see those briefs and wonder for themselves if they are his or hers.

But, thank God, they’re not yours…’

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