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Church Warning

by | 22nd, June 2005

‘IT’S not easy growing up in the public eyes, especially with a cameraman pointing his lens at your teenage backside. But Charlotte Church has survived.

Cheeky girl

But even she has her limit. And, as the Telegraph says, it’s about 10 double vodkas. After that, as she tells the world, she’s “pretty much KO’d”.

While we thank La Church for her clear reference to our august organ, we are worried that she may be overdoing it.

As the paper reminds us in graphic form, lining up 10 shot glasses full of vodka and a glass of Charlotte’s early evening livener of a Cheeky Vimto (two shots of port, and a bottle of WKD original blue vodka), the singer is able to consume in excess of the Government-approved 21 units of booze a week in a single session.

A spokesman for Alcohol Concern confirms that drinking 10 large vodkas is a lot. “Over 10 units and the chances are you are going to be intoxicated,” says the papers expert knowingly.

That will surely come as a shock to Charlotte. As will the expert’s other news that getting intoxicated, or inebriated, even, can put a woman at risk of having an accident.

To say nothing of throwing up on her dress and finding she’s spent all her cash on hooch and hasn’t enough left for the cab fare home.

Or stumbling into a sober journalist and his pet snapper lurking outside the boozer…’

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