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In Brains We Trust

by | 24th, June 2005

‘WHERE Prince Williams goes next is up to him, but with a 2:1 masters in geography tucked under his belt, we’re confident he won’t get lost on the way.

Wills get ready for when he becomes a Red Indian

Yesterday Wills successfully plotted his return to St Andrews University. The Sun looked on with patriotic pride as the prince graduated from college and had bestowed upon him the title “the brainiest-ever Royal”.

Some title that. And surely history would have been different had some of William’s ancestors been touched by his intellect.

Would King Canute have vainly tried to stop the waves had he known what Wills knows about ocean currents? Not in this world.

But though he has a big brain, Wills is no big head. Responding to the cheers of 5,000 people who had come to see him, he joked: “I’m amazed I passed – a little bit of luck goes a long way.”

No debating that. Just look at his dear mum, Princess Diana. Her academic career stretched to a CSE in domestic science, and you could count on one hand the number of times she used her qualification to prepare banquets for the world’s great and good.

But what now for Wills? Well, the Mirror somewhat cruelly calls him “THE WANNABE”. And what Wills wants to be is a City gent, a mountain rescue worker and a soldier.

It might be time to “face the real world”, as William says it is in the Mail, but he appears as a little boy looking at his bin full of dressing up clothes and wondering what outfit to put on next.

But before William thinks afresh and says he wants to be a cowboy, a doctor or puts on one of his mother’s old dresses and strikes out alone as a professional shopper, the Mirror hears that his selection will not tax him unduly.

The jobs he wants to do are covered by the term “work experience”. Wills will spend part of the next year – his second gap year – in a City institution, some time on his father’s farming estates and then join a mountain rescue team.

He will then, as the paper says, “probably” join the Army.

Which should keep him busy and “real” until such a time as he gets to dress up again…as a king…’

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