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Bacon Rolling Stock

by | 27th, June 2005

‘AS if things weren’t cramped enough on the trains, one rail service is handing its customers a token for free fat.

‘Beets going to work’

About 1,200 passengers aboard the One service between London and Norwich, member of the rail operators Commuter Club, have received letters offering them each a free bacon sandwich, a Danish pastry and a drink as an apology for making them endure their service.

While some passenger will enjoy eating a fatty, greasy bacon roll and an oily pastry as they sit on a stuffy, hermetically sealed train in the summer heat, others will not.

Others who tell the Times the offer is an “insult and a joke”. People like Jamie Norman, who tells the paper: “We have suffered a dreadful service and this is an offence to all the passengers who use the line.”

Mr Norman has much to say on the subject, and given the oxygen of publicity he’s gulping it down like an innocent man newly freed from a prison sentence…or the Norwich to London flyer.

While Norman talks at length, a spokesman for One trots out the company line.

He says it’s “not been easy” for customers on the service. “The temperatures the last couple of days have been extreme.”

All too true. It’s been roasting on the trains, hot enough to fry an egg. Or a horrible piece of pink, packaged meat…’

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